Trip Report: Wolf’s Head, WY

Back to the Winds! Here you can read the account of my first trip. Our trip was an absolute dream. The worst thing that happened was a botched salmon alfredo tortellini dinner (let's just say, I have some atoning to do). Group tent cards games. Prolific wildflowers. Tuna Mac-n-Cheese. 360 degree granite spires. Late-night Sherlock Holmes readings. … Continue reading Trip Report: Wolf’s Head, WY

Trip Report: From Rock to River

There's a very long prologue to this Trip Report. I'm hoping talking openly and honestly about the issues presented here can generate some discussion about how a person maintains a long-term relationship with their passions. Identity. This word has been giving me a sinking feeling in my stomach for a while now. To me, identity is … Continue reading Trip Report: From Rock to River