Trip Report: Wolf’s Head, WY

Back to the Winds! Here you can read the account of my first trip.

Our trip was an absolute dream. The worst thing that happened was a botched salmon alfredo tortellini dinner (let’s just say, I have some atoning to do).

Group tent cards games. Prolific wildflowers. Tuna Mac-n-Cheese. 360 degree granite spires. Late-night Sherlock Holmes readings. And the East Ridge of Wolf’s Head.

What a route. Exposed, airy traverses. Impeccable rock quality. It has taken the spot of ‘most favorite route of my climbing career’. The nitty gritty: we got a 0400 start. Left Basecamp at 0445. Got to the base of Tiger Gully at 0530, we waited out the weather until 0600. Summitted Wolf’s Head at 1300, and were back to the tent at 1600.

With the technical stuff out of the way, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


Loaded up and ready for the hike in (10 miles). Photo by Evan.



On the hike in, looking back towards Haystack and East Temple.




First views of the full Cirque as approaching Jackass Pass. Photo by Evan.



Hiking up the pass, looking back towards Arrowhead Lake. Photo by Evan.



The view from our campsite. The evening light shines on Wolf’s Head, Tiger, and Pingora (L to R).




A closer look at our intended route. Solo up the gully between Pingora and Tiger. Rappel Tiger to the saddle between Wolf’s Head and Tiger. Then up the Sidewalk pitch to kick-off the East Ridge!



A late-night rainstorm thwarted our attempt of Wolf’s Head, so we settled for some scenic day-hiking.





The next day, we went for it! The weather was a bit iffy … but ultimately we decided to push on. Here is Evan at the top of the Pingora/Tiger gully.



Evan and I roping up for the Sidewalk pitch. Looking back to our friends Jesse and Sam who are rappelling Tiger to the saddle.



First look at the start of the East Ridge: the Sidewalk Pitch.



Dramatic light peeking out from the storm clouds. Here Evan comes up to join the belay. Pingora is behind him.



But eventually, the weather cleared and we pushed on for the summit! Here Evan and Sam get ready to simul to the top.



Jesse, with a very fashionable off-the-harness belay, bring the remainder of the team to the summit.



Sam on the summit, preparing for the descent.



Back at Basecamp. Tuna-Mac in hand and our completed objective in the background.




Our last night in the Winds. Photo by Evan.


I cannot recommend the Cirque of the Towers enough. You need to get there.

A big thank you to my phenomenal partner, Evan. He took all of the gear and drove the majority of the way. Thanks Evan, you rule!

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